Ahhh… This game holds a very special place in my heart for a simple reason: the first game I handled when I joined BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment as an intern. Both the Product Manager (who is one of my best friends now) were still newbies and were eager to prove ourselves (a bit too much, in hindsight…).

Since this was a 3DS game, with little to no budget, the scope of activity was rather small.


Built, adapted, and managed the EMEA PR campaign:

  • Messaging
  • Assets creation & management
    • Written content
    • Screenshots
    • Videos
    • Timeline
  • Integration of the game in Press & Public events
  • Previews & Reviews content & timings


Most of this has been done while aligning with product marketing in Europe, and other important stakeholders such as other departments from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe (CM, Digital, PMATS, Finance etc.), BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America and the HQ in Tokyo

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