Some notes on this project:

  • Like every Japanese product I worked on, it was challenging because most of the content was leaked via VJump/Shonen Jump scans and we couldn’t communicate until the official magazine release (some days after, usually). If the content is leaked, and you send the exact same with an official message 4 days later, most of the journalists won’t publish again, especially in the enthusiast circle. To counter this, we started to add some more content from our side: videos etc. 
  • This was even more challenging, as the game was released in Japan much earlier and most of the content was already known, it was rather hard to create hype around it when most fans are already aware of everything.
  • Another challenge was to communicate while respecting the schedule of the anime in certain countries: don’t give out to much details about Dressrosa Arc etc.
  • One of the other hurdles, but it was mostly for Community management: the STEAM version. As the performance wasn’t as good as expected, we had to spend a lot of time giving feedback to Koei Tecmo/BNEI, but also try to calm angry fans.


Built, adapted, and managed the EMEA PR campaign for ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 3:

  • Messaging
  • Assets creation & management
    • Written content
    • Screenshots
    • Videos
    • Physical press kit
  • Timeline
  • Integration of the game in Press & Public events
  • Previews & Reviews content & timings
  • Creation of specific content when needed by certain local teams

Most of this has been done while aligning with product marketing in Europe, and other important stakeholders such as other departments from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe (CM, Digital, PMATS, Finance etc.), BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America and the HQ in Tokyo.

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