BEHOLD, E3 IS BACK! (me too btw)

It’s been a while…


To be honest, I missed writing my thoughts. Not necessarily for people, but for myself to have a written record of my opinions at certain key times.

This year, E3 is very… special. Special, because of all the goddamn leaks. For instance, Walmart Canada has been on a roll, but if we look at the bright side this allowed us to have a new social media genius (to rival Sonic):

I can’t remember this much leaks at any given time in the previous years. Even Nintendo who has cracked down heavily on leakers and tightened up their security/processes has suffered from that. I’m not going to pretend I like all these leaks, as I made my point very clear in this article last yearI feel that the magic of reveals is disappearing and that tons of us are more and more jaded (due to many reasons).

HOWEVER, I am still excited as ever and every year, E3 reminds me how much I love gaming and how much I miss working in this industry.

This E3 will be very interesting:

  • Post Switch launch (technically it’s the 2nd E3, but shhh)
  • Industry talks: streaming/cloud services, next-generation consoles, and engines, subscription-based business models etc.
  • Japanese games have been on a roll in 2017, what about 2018?
  • Very awaited games will see their first gameplay: TLOU2, Smash Bros, Ghost of Tsushima to name a few
  • Confirmation of all the leaks (I don’t like this sentence at all)


In any case, I am super excited and will write several articles to celebrate this:

  • EA Conference
  • Microsoft Conference
  • Ubisoft Conference
  • Square Enix Conference
  • PlayStation Conference
  • Nintendo Direct/Treehouse
  • Specific articles on some games/topics after E3 is over


See you soon.


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