Behold! The 5th edition of my digest is here. Video games history, self-actualization, PR, and esports are on the menu today.


Article 1: Super Mario 64 still matters 20y after its release by Andy McDonald (Waypoint)

When Mario’s first 3D adventure came out on N64, the industry went crazy. Gamers, journalists, no matter their age, all agreed on one thing: it was a groundbreaking release. 20y later, the game is still important. Andy McDonald from Waypoint explains why.


Article 2: Stop reading lists of things successful people do by Emre Soyer and Robin Hogarth (Harvard Business Review)


Here is an excerpt that sums up pretty well the article:

But as palatable as these lists are, they can do damage. There are several reasons why they may be not only useless but also potentially harmful to decision makers, managers, and entrepreneurs.”


Article 3: The business of Gaming by Rick Fox (The Players’ Tribune)

The Players’ Tribune is an absolutely amazing website; it gives a platform to many famous (or not) sports persons to talk about their careers, their passions or their future. Among one of the talks, we have Rick Fox! 3 times NBA champion with the Lakers and esports enthusiast.  It is lovely to see how driven and passionate he is about his esports venture! Following his deep and personal investment in gaming, a lot of NBA/NFL/MLB personalities followed.


Article 4: The PR Industry is at crossroads by Richard Edelman (Edelman Agency)

Richard Edelman is a person I regard as inspirational and a model when it comes down to PR and Communication. On his latest blog post, he writes about the evolution of PR and all the recent changes in the industry. As he rightly points out, PR is needed now more than ever. But it needs to keep on evolving, being integrated and account.

With the advent of cord-cutting, ad blocking, click fraud and a fundamental loss of trust in bought messages, we are the future. It is time to stand up and be counted.


Hope you liked it!

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