The third edition is here: esports and a quick tip for PR/Community.

Article 1: The Hai Road by Kien Lam (LoL esports)

This article hits home due to several reasons: it’s well written, speaks about one of my favourite (if not my fav?) LoL player, but also shows a nice example of “esports American dream”. A bit of a long read, but still an absolute delight to go through.


Article 2: Why NBA teams are so in love with esports by Luke Winkie (Glixel)

As an avid esports and NBA follower, I am currently enjoying the evolution of esports. With more and more teams or stars/ex-stars investing: Heats, Sixers, Bucks owner investing in FlyQuest esports, Peter Gruber, Rick Fox, Shaq, Gordon Hayward etc.). Seeing NBA (and other American sports, NHL’s Boston Bruins just invested) pay attention to esports is a good sign for the professionalisation of it. However, I’m a little bit afraid of a bubble burst at one point…


Article 3: JvM Sports – You need to tell a Story by Sam Cooke (Esports Insider)

Some weeks ago, Jung Von Matt, a huge german Advertisement agency inked a deal with mousesports ; one of the oldest and most respected German esports powerhouses. Other notable deals of this kind are Vitality with Havas Sports & Entertainment and Unicorns of Love with Lagardère Sports.

Those deals will allow teams to create more content, do more activations, find new sponsors, in short: grow their brand and make money.

On this interview, Toan Nguyen, Director at JvM Sports, speaks about the deal and the future between the two parties. 


Article 4: A guide to easy and pretty gaming Gifs by Thomas Reisenegger (Gamasutra)

Gifs are a good way to engage with an audience and to pitch journalists. For these exact reasons, Thomas Reisenegger from ICO Partners decided to write an article to help industry members create their own gifs and be like the cool guys.


Article 5: Skin in the Game by Shaun Assael (ESPN)

In this (very) long piece, the author explains the origins of the Counter Strike skins gambling, how Valve reacted, who are the most impacted persons, etc.

He also focuses on the Trevor Martin and Sam Cassell debacle, from which everything started and snowballed (other high-profile streamers, such as PhantomL0rd have been caught doing the same). The video I linked sums up perfectly the situation and the CS skins model.


Do not hesitate to let me know if you like the articles, and if you want to discuss!





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